This mission of this site is to tell the story of hundreds of people who worked at the United States Naval Computing Machine Laboratory, a top secret project in Dayton during World War Two. These people kept their secret for over fifty years.

Please take a look–there are hundreds of pages of declassified documents, rosters of personnel, photographs and more. Audience members for my presentation in July will find a new bibliography page brought up to date to include new information on the web.

This site originates with and is maintained by Debbie Anderson in Dayton, Ohio. This site is an outgrowth of my own efforts to learn more about this story and a desire to share what I have learned. It also is a resource for documentation behind the documentary Dayton Codebreakers.

I am grateful to the Archive Center at Dayton History, the Wenger Command Display in Pensacola, Florida, friends at the NSA Cryptologic History Center and the National Cryptologic Museum, and the many veterans–WAVES and sailors– who have been so generous over the years for a share of the photographs presented here.

Thanks for learning about a part of Dayton’s, and the nation’s, history.


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  • Changes behind the scenes

    The inner workings of this site will be undergoing some changes in the next few months.

    The core pages are now 15 years old--difficult to believe but true.

    The plan is to make these improvements without disrupting the content. It will all be good!

    Debbie Anderson


    Please change your contact info for Debbie Anderson to daytoncodebreakers@gmail.com
  • March, April events

    A presentation and good company at the Charlotte International Cryptologic Symposium. Good information and fun.

    I've updated the new Sources and Additional Information page begun in July 2015. Find it at the Notes and Sources in the "In Brief" Section (see menu above).

    Also new: Have you seen the The Imitation Game and want to find out more? Read about Alan Turing's visit to Dayton.


    Broadcast extended 2006-2018 (!) on American Public Television.

    Many have written requesting our DVD--they are available, shipped from Dayton Ohio. In the Dayton area they can be found at these places.

    Please go to our DVD page to find out more!