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Updated August 2015:

The coordinator of this web site is Deborah (Debbie) Anderson, daughter of Joseph Desch,  Research Director for the U.S.N.C.M.L. I am in Dayton, Ohio, and work on this site as a way to share the information I’ve amassed with the public.

I can be contacted at Please make your subject line specific, to make it distinguishable from spam.

For information about Dayton Codebreakers, the documentary produced by Aileen LeBlanc and Debbie Anderson, contact Aileen Leblanc at .

Much of the information and many of the photos used in this web site are from the Archive Center at Dayton History.

Resources in Dayton, Ohio where information about the World War Two codebreakers can be found:

Information about the Sugar Camp cabin now on display at Carillon Historical Park can be found by visiting the web site of Dayton History and following the links to Carillon Historical Park. You can also go directly to the Carillon Historical Park web site.

The repository of the best primary source information about the USNCML remains the National Archives and Record Administration 2 in College Park, Maryland.

In April, 2004 The Secret in Building 26 written by Colin Burke and Jim DeBrosse was published. This book was the product of years of research by Burke, and material gathered by DeBrosse when writing the Dayton Daily News series. That book remains the sole and best narrative of the cryptographic work in Dayton in WW2.

  • Hallowed Ground

    I highly recommend this show I recently watched on PBS--I was impressed by the tone and the content of this documentary. If you can't find a broadcast it can be viewed here.