10 most FAQs

After 25 years of speaking to groups ten questions (more or less) have won my “Most Frequently Asked Questions” award. Audiences vary and the details of questions do too, but these seem to be universal topics of interest.

What do you remember about the war? (trick question but often asked)

Why Dayton?

Did this really remain secret? Didn’t anyone ever talk? How did you find out?

If it was so important, how come I never heard about it?

What did the machines do? Why were they called Bombes? Were they computers?

How many were made? Where were they shipped? where were they used?

How many are left? Where are they?

What difference did this work make? or What were the results?

How did the American code breaking machine compare to the British? Why don’t they acknowledge our contribution?

What recognition did the Navy veterans,Joe Desch or the NCR team receive?


All these questions and more, I’m sure, will be addressed in the first class. We’ll be off to a good start.