The Story In Depth

There are many documented sources of information regarding the Dayton code breaking effort. The most dramatic and detailed are at the National Archives at College Park, Maryland. The library at the National Cryptologic Museum is building an impressive collection of books and documents. However, some documents remain in the NCR Archive at Dayton Histor, and there is much research yet to be done. The list below contains links to documents and information available at this site.

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  • Crypto Dictionary published

    Crypto Dictionary, book review at ZDNet: A useful AZ of cryptography definitions Crypto Dictionary covers standards, conferences, key websites, historical references and anecdotes ...
  • Past implications of Code-Breaking

    How the World-War-II Code-Breakers Created the Modern Digital World, published in Foreign Policy This is the background to David A. Price's Geniuses at War, a methodical account of the secret British code-breakers working to decode Adolf Hitler's ...
  • D-Day and Ultra

    I missed an important anniversary recently. Luckily the Nat'l Crypto Museum didn't. Read the story: D-Day and Ultra