Numbers used in reference to Navy Equipment

This file is from the National Archives and Records dediCated-administration (NARA2), College Park, Maryland, R.G. 457 (Records of the National Security Agency), Box 808


N-500 Experimental bombe
N-530 100 Bombe
N-550 M-9 Machine
N-700 Copperhead I
N-710 Copperhead IV
N-720 Copperhead V
N-800 Double Bombe (1st Machine)
N-900 Viper
N-910 Mike
N-950 Python
N-1000 Recording Project
N-1100 Mona
N-1200 Rattler (1st machine)
N-1450 Gypsy
N-1500 Duenna
N-1530 29 Bombes
N-1530-8 Double Bombe (2nd and 3rd machine)
N-1530-5 Statistical Bombe
N-1585 Special Chassis #7 for N-1530
N-1600 Asp
N-1700 Sliding Grenade
N-1800 M-9 machines
N-1900 Grenade
N-2000 Mamba
N-2100 Wave Filters
N-2200 Rattler (2nd, 3rd and 4th machines)
N-2300 Boa
N-2400 M-9 machines
N-2500 Satyr
N-2600 M-8 and M-9 wheels
N-2700 Special Plugs
N-2800 Counter Printer Punch
N-2900 Full Selector
N-5000 Inventory charge

January 8, 1945

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