Personnel numbers

This document is from the National Archives and Records dediCated-administration, College Park, Maryland (NARA2), Record Group 38 (Crane Library), Box 74

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28 June 1945


Subj: Personnel at U. S. Naval Computing Machine Laboratory, Dayton, Ohio.

1. The peak personnel load at the U.S. Naval Computing Machine Laboratory, Dayton, Ohio, occurred during the summer and fall of 1943 when a maximum of 425 naval personnel and 782 civilians was reached. The naval personnel at Dayton has been fairly constant since the middle of 1944. There were 93 on therolls in January 1945 and 91 in June 1945.

The civilian personnel has tapered off considerably as evidence by the following figures:

1 August 1944 400
1 January 1945 238
15 March 1945 182
1 June 1945 114

/s/ H. T. Engstrom

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