Orders 22 Nov 1944

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Personnel Orders/Records of Inactive Naval Stations

This document is from the

National Archives at College Park
, College Park, Maryland
Record Group 38, Box 74: Records of Inactive Naval Stations

Excerpt from document:

It is requested that the duty status of the below names enlisted personnel be changed from "on board the U.S. Naval Computing Machine Laboratory, Dayton, Ohio, for duty under the Commandant, NINTH Naval District," to "on board for duty under the complement of the Chief of Naval Operations (DNC), Op-20-G, for activities inside continental U. S. outside of Washington, D. C.," as established by reference (a).

  • ARCHIBALD, Lawrence H., 413-26-53, RT1c, V-6, USNR.
  • GILLEY, William D., 612-36-82, RT1c, V-6, USNR.
  • PEOPLES, Granville C., 663-47,28, RT1c, V-6, USNR.
  • HARRIS, Harold N., 410-2886, MM1c, V-6, USNR.
  • HOLLIS, Raymond, 706-68-21, MM1c, V-6, USNR.
  • KOSTKA, Partis M., 623-18-18, MM1c, V-6, USNR.
  • LARSON, Nelse G., 327-91-82, MM1c, V-6, USN.
  • MEYER, John D., 639-24-09, MM1c, USNR.
  • SHADE, Robert H., 563-11-82, MM1c, V-6, USNR.
  • MEMLING, Ralph D., 723-22-76, MM2c, V-6, USNR.
  • ALLISON, Julia B., 574-69-37, Y2c, V-10, USNR.
  • ADAMS, Robert Franklin, 894-09-78, S1c, V-6, USNR.
  • BRUNKE, Harold F., 852-76-28, S1c, V-6, USNR.
  • CRAWFORD, Eugene B., Jr., 406-54-70, S1c, V-6, USNR.
  • TORCHON, Raymond, 817-88-09, S1c, V-6, USNR.
  • WHITLEY, Raymond R., 830-04-60, S1c, V-6, USNR.


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