Orders 3 Jan 1945

Charnge of Status of Enlisted Personnel – request for

This document is from the National Archives at College Park, College Park, Maryland
Record Group 38, Box 74: Records of Inactive Naval Stations

Image is found below transcription

Op-20-A/G-has (30 December 1944)
Serial 1400120 (3 January 1945)

From: Chief of Naval Operations.
To: Chief of Naval Personnel

Subj: Change of Status of Enlisted Personnel - request for.

1. It is requested that the below named enlisted WAVES, presently assigned by PPNC orders to temporary additional duty under instruction, at U. S. Naval Computing Machine Laboratory, Dayton, Ohio, be detached from on board U. S. Naval Barracks for duty under CNO (DNC - Op-20-G Washington Area) and to report to ComNINE for assignments to U. S. Naval Computing Machine Laboratory, Dayton, Ohio for duty under the complement of the CNC (DNC - Op-20-G inside continental U. S. outside Washington):

BENTON, Dorothy M.
COULTER, Elizabeth A.
COX, Margaret L.
DORSEY, Catherine R.
HINES, Edith M.
JACKSON, Gladys I.
ROSE, Mabel P.
STORMENT, Dorothy J.
THOMPSON, Marjorie J.
URICH, Evelyn B.
WARNER, Mabel G.
MADDUX, Alice V.


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