Orders 1 Oct 1945

This document is from the

National Archives at College Park
, College Park, Maryland
Record Group 38, Box 74: Records of Inactive Naval Stations

Activity: US Naval Computing Machine Laboratory, Dayton, Ohio
Date: 1 October 1945

(Appendix to NavPers 625 in Accordance with Par. 17(a), A1Nav 252-45.)

Name, Rate, Serial No, Class, Nature of Alleged Military Necessary

ANDERSON, Junella E., SP(Q)1c, – ,V10 USNR, Needed to complete equipment directed by CNO(DNC).

ARCHIBALD, Lawrence H.

BENNET, Alice M.

FARLEY, Helen C.

GENTRY, Harry L.

HARRIS, Harold N.

HINES, Edith M.

LARSON, Nelse G.

MUTCHIE, Ursula G.

NICKEL, Evelyn L.

WARNER, Mabel C.


*Retained on rolls of ComNINE

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