Build a bombe?

How to make a Bombe, ice cream style

January 2021

As I’ve mentioned before, one of my top ten questions is about the machine’s name, bombe. I have never read a definitive answer as to the origin of the name, but one theory is that the Polish cryptologists were fond of an afternoon ice cream treat. I have not checked for information about the dessert for many years an easy internet search just turned up what may be an excellent source

Recipe for an ice cream bombe on the Food Network: Ice Cream Bombe.

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    WHO worked during the war? Find the Personnel section. Also, Joseph R. Desch
    WHAT were their goals? By the Numbers. Also, The US Bombe
    WHY? History of the Bombe Project A contemporary account of the reasons and the plans for their project for the Director of Naval Communications, 1944.
    WHERE was the project: In Dayton, it was in Building 26. In Washington, it was housed at the Naval Communications Annex