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Links to relevant information in print and on the web

The amount of information related to World War II and the use of Communications Intelligence, both online and in print, is staggering and continuing to grow. Below is a list of books and other sources which I’m currently reading, have read or use frequently as valuable references. They are of varying levels of detail and depth.

History of Codebreaking

The Information Age and the Cryptanalytic Bombe

  • The Information Age . Online records of the Smithsonian Exhibit where the US Navy Bombe made its first public appearance
  • The present Bombe Exhibit at the National Cryptologic Museum , Fort Meade, Maryland.The Museum itself is well worth a visit.

The role of cryptology in American history

Modern Cryptography, Logic and Electronics

Curious about tube technology?

Cryptologic History, Intelligence in Warfare

Background information about the Medal for Merit

The pioneering work of the British at Bletchley Park, and Bletchley’s relationship with the US

Information about the ground-breaking work on cracking the Enigma accomplished by Polish cryptanalysts early in the War

Would you like to learn more about codes and ciphers, encrypt a message, or learn more about tubes and circuits? decrypt other ciphers? tackle Enigma itself?

More about methods of Enigma decryption

  • The home pageof a host of web sites (somewhat technical) by Jerry Proc, of Ontario Canada. Links to topics include Crypto Machines, the Enigma, Radio Stories, and Sonar, Radar and IFF Systems.
  • The Dutch Crypto Museum , a virtual museum sponsored in the Netherlands. Included is a list of Enigma simulators available for different operating systems (Windows, Perl, etc.)

Good sources for WW2 information

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  • Dayton Codebreakers DVDs

    To inquire about a DVD of the Dayton Codebreakers documentary, contact me at this link
  • Inside You’ll Find…

    WHO worked during the war? Find the Personnel section. Also, Joseph R. Desch
    WHAT were their goals? By the Numbers. Also, The US Bombe
    WHY? History of the Bombe Project A contemporary account of the reasons and the plans for their project for the Director of Naval Communications, 1944.
    WHERE was the project: In Dayton, it was in Building 26. In Washington, it was housed at the Naval Communications Annex