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The Personnel section of the site has been the most enjoyable for me to assemble. Thanks to growing interest in the story of Dayton’s role in code-breaking, and the power of the Google Search Engine as people look for information about their family members, I’m receiving more and more information about veterans of the project.

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The Database

The Personnel database is an effort to make accessible a list of names of personnel gathered from many sources. The sources of information include the Rosters of personnel printed by NCR for 4th of July dinners in 1943 and 1944, the NCR News, letters and memorabilia from the 1995 and 2001 Reunions, oral histories taken during the 2001 Reunion and various archival documents. Because so many records were destroyed at the end of the war (and even 35 years later) to preserve secrecy, the list will never be complete. In addition, human error creeps in from time to time, with misspellings, fuzzy images, and incorrect dates. Despite those drawbacks, the database now includes over 500 individuals with 956 pieces of information.

Please note: because so many women know each other when they were single, I prefer to list women by their maiden name whenever possible.

If you, or a relative, neighbor or older friend, have some information or a story to share, please contact Debbie Anderson so that I can enter it into my records. Also, if you have questions, please contact me and I’ll try to find some information that might help you. There are no guarantees, however, as so many records have disappeared, been destroyed, or are available only at the National Archives.

387 NCR Identification badges from Bldg. 26, 1942 through 1945, are now online. These have been scanned, uploaded and linked to names in the database. Of those found so far, most are from the group of WAVES who arrived late April- early May 1943. Recently the sailors arriving Feb-Mar 1943 have been found. Scattered among these are visitors including Joseph Eachus and Howard Engstrom. Again, note: This growing effort is managed by Debbie Anderson, and is vulnerable to human error. Your help is appreciated. Please inform me of any broken links or other errors.

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