Use of Navy WAVES in Dayton


Dayton, Ohio
Office of The President

April 7, 1943

Capt. E. S. Stone

Ass’t Director, Naval Communications

Communications Annex

Nebraska Ave. & Massachusetts Ave., N. W.

Washington, D. C.

Subject: Use of Navy WAVES, and quartering thereof, in the execution of Navy Contract NSX 7892

Dear Sir:

  • (1)  It seems desirable in the execution of subject contract to employ WAVES in certain assembly and soldering operations.
  • (2)  The National Cash Register Company wishes to offer to the Navy Department the use of its summer camp, known as “Sugar Camp”, for quartering the necessary enlisted WAVES, mentioned in Paragraph (1).
  • (3)  Sugar Camp includes 240 beds (4 to a cottage), which should be ample to quarter some 300 necessary enlisted WAVES, operating on shifts, as proposed.
  • (4)  It is necessary to have 75 at the camp on or about April 19th and 225 on or about May 3rd.
  • (5)  The National Cash Register Company proposes to furnish quarters, meals, and recreational facilities at the camp at a post not to exceed $2.75 per day, per person.
  • (6)   Policing of the enclosed area will be accomplished by The National Cash Register Company civilian guards. In addition, a civilian caretaker and his wife have permanent residence at this camp.
  • (7)  Since Sugar Camp is located on property owned by The National Cash Register Company, within easy walking distance of the Factory, no transportation costs will be incurred by the enlisted personnel.
  • (8)  It is the intention of The National Cash Register Company to provide comfortable and homelike facilities for the assigned complement of WAVES. The camp has a swimming pool and other recreational facilities all of which will be available for their exclusive use.

Very truly yours

/s/ S. K. Allyn

Enclosure (A) VCNO Conf Serial 0833420

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