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Desch-Mumma Interview, day 1, tape 2, side 2

This section of the Desch/Mumma interview runs from page 124 to 166 of the first day transcript [Page 123 cont.] RM: .. Y’ see I was more application oriented and he was more theoretically oriented and that was the big difference JD: Mhm. That’s right. RM: between the two of us. HT: Mhm. You say […]

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  • Crypto Dictionary published

    Crypto Dictionary, book review at ZDNet: A useful AZ of cryptography definitions Crypto Dictionary covers standards, conferences, key websites, historical references and anecdotes ...
  • Past implications of Code-Breaking

    How the World-War-II Code-Breakers Created the Modern Digital World, published in Foreign Policy This is the background to David A. Price's Geniuses at War, a methodical account of the secret British code-breakers working to decode Adolf Hitler's ...
  • D-Day and Ultra

    I missed an important anniversary recently. Luckily the Nat'l Crypto Museum didn't. Read the story: D-Day and Ultra