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Desch-Mumma Interview, day 1, tape 2, side 2

This section of the Desch/Mumma interview runs from page 124 to 166 of the first day transcript [Page 123 cont.] RM: .. Y’ see I was more application oriented and he was more theoretically oriented and that was the big difference JD: Mhm. That’s right. RM: between the two of us. HT: Mhm. You say […]

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    © Deborah Anderson. Use of materials by permission. This site has material from many sources including, among others, my writing and material from Dayton History. Both are use by permission. Before using, ASK. More specific information here.

    WHO worked during the war? Find the Personnel section. Also, Joseph R. Desch
    WHAT were their goals? By the Numbers. Also, The US Bombe
    WHY? History of the Bombe Project A contemporary account of the reasons and the plans for their project for the Director of Naval Communications, 1944.
    WHERE was the project: In Dayton, it was in Building 26. In Washington, it was housed at the Naval Communications Annex
  • Contemporary Code Breaking

    Cracking the code, from ABC News. How is code breaking used these days? What kind of mind do you need to have to be a code breaker? Or can computers do it all? Phillip Clark took a look.
  • Crypto Dictionary published

    Crypto Dictionary, book review at ZDNet: A useful AZ of cryptography definitions Crypto Dictionary covers standards, conferences, key websites, historical references and anecdotes ...