Dear Friends,

I am planning to spend our first hour this Thursday on the story of U-505 and footage of an interview we did with historian Eric Rust. For the last hour I’d like to discuss what we think was the outcome of the cryptanalytic bombes on the outcome of the war. This is one topic I did get to research at the library of the Cryptologic Museum. I was steered by the librarian there to some very useful documents you might want to scan before class. The links are below. I may add  more this afternoon.

I also link to Navy History sites which might interest you. I will use some of them tomorrow. SRH is the abbreviation for “Special Research History,” which are compendium and analyses of   classified documents and were used many times  for future planning.

Capt. Meader postwar report to Capt. Wenger

Battle of the Atlantic: U-boat Operations (SRH-008)

Battle of the Atlantic: Allied Communication Intelligence, December 1942 – May 1945 (SRH-009)

Evaluation of the Role of Decryption Intelligence in the Operational Phase of the Battle of the Atlantic (SRH-368)

pp. 1-39

pp. 40-91

pp. 92-113

Commendations and Exploits (SRH-306): 

Table of Contents

from American Authorities

from Allies

and more.

You can also visit:

Index to Declassified cryptologic documents in the Navy Department Library

Finally I want to send a note of thanks to all of you before our last class, and I also want to thank Julie for giving me this opportunity. That said, very little of what I expected and planned for came to pass but because of that I have learned so much!