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Essential background information

In particular, see …

The role of cryptology in American history:

I.E.E.E. History Center interviews with 7 of the NCR personnel who worked on this project

Background information about the Medal for Merit

Information about the U-boat wars

The pioneering work of the British at Bletchley Park, and Bletchley’s relationship with the US:

New: The admirable and now successful efforts of the Bletchley Park Trust not only to save Bletchley Park but educate the public about the Park’s heroic efforts during WW2

Information about the ground-breaking work on cracking the Enigma accomplished by Polish cryptanalysts early in the War:

Sites dedicated to our veterans:

For a glimpse at Dayton’s role in international cryptologic history, visit the web pages of the Dayton History.

Would you like to learn more about codes and ciphers, encrypt a message, or learn more about tubes and circuits? decrypt other ciphers? tackle Enigma itself?

  • Enigma replicas, site belonging to a good friend, JIm Oram, restorer of Enigmas for museums and collectors, with volumes of information about versions of the Enigma. Jim also is devoted to the Graveyard of the Atlantic
  • Elonka’s List of Famous Unsolved Ciphers and Codes
  • Another look at methods of Enigma decryption
  • The home page of a web site (somewhat technical) by Jerry Proc, of Ontario Canada, devoted to Crypto Machines.
  • The Dutch Crypto Museum, a virtual museum sponsored in the Netherlands. Included is a list of Enigma simulators available for different operating systems (Windows, Perl, etc.)
  • and how to build your own: Learn about the Enigma machine. Get a Kit to build your own!
  • Basic Javascript Encryption and Decryption
  • Something different: learn about the RCA Selectron, the Radar Tube “the tube that changed the war”

Excellent background information based on primary sources:

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