Glossary, second page


Report of wheel orders run made daily at 1500 (GCT). (see CWR)

Print report –

The wheel order, pairs, and position of a print obtained from the bombes run in Dayton.

Problem instructions –

This term is used broadly to indicate any discussion of problems originated by Washington.

Problem report –

Report of problem being run in Dayton, also the predecessor of the CWR, etc.

Problem –

The setup for a problem as sent from Washington to Dayton.

Production model –

Applies only to bombes.

Service –

This term is used broadly to indicate all plain text messages pertaining only to details of the teletype circuit and the encryption and decryption of enciphered messages.


Report of wheel orders run made daily at 1900 (GCT). (see CWR)

Wa. –


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