NCR News June 1944

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Here you are folks, the news as we’ve seen it this month.

Though this weather is much too nice to spend in a hospital, our inspector, June Scott, has taken time out for a tonsilectomy operation.

Congratulations to Joe Bruggeman, the recent father of a baby girl, Mary Patricia.

Solely by chance your correspondent happened to be out at Triangle Skating Rink the other night when four wandering wolfesses from Inspection Department appeared. Of course, the leader was our champion skater, “Corky” Corcoran, and with her were the irresistible Jane “Daisy Mae” Agnor and the lively Joanna “Superwolf” heaton, not to mention Dorothy “Catch Your Man While You Can” Ludwig. I’m glad to report that no serious spills were experienced and a good time was had by all.

Joins Marines

All his friends want to wish Jack Lantz good luck and farewell as he leaves the Company to enter the Marines.

Remember the explosion that scared the wits out of half the population of Building No. 26? Well, that was our own Frank “Booby-Trap” Bucher starting his car. They say a few gray hairs were sprouted over that well-planted noise bomb.

Janet Ilgen spent a happy week with her husband in North Carolina.

It’s easy for mama to keep an eye on Junior now that he’s working in the same room, though how Mrs. Mooney’s son, Johnny, feels about it has not been revealed. They’re both of Inspection Department now, and John is keeping himself pretty busy with all the fair ladies around here. With loud checked sports coats and sharp ties, he’s definitely the “hep man” of Building No. 26. He seems to have as many girl friends as ever, though he tells me he’s going steady now. Let’s see, is that six or seven girls who have worn that class ring this year?

They say everyone has his ups and downs and from what I’ve heard, Sarah Reffitt should know something about the downs part. Though falling down the steps at the Colonial Theater isn’t quite my idea of a perfect way to spend an evening.

A few May birthdays include Ella Scheble, Jean Taylor, Clarence Charlton, and Louis Conger. We did better in June for the natal day was celebrated by R. F. Riley, Paul Hedges, Merrill Banford, Roy Driscoll, Lena Thompson, Bea Watson, Margaret Mayer, Margaret Lipsio, La Vina Russell, Myrtle McDonald, Imogene Dickman, Almarhea Turner, Dixie Killian, Grace Wegley, Ann Hopkins, Margaret Price, Lucille Blocbaum, Helen Crowe, and Flora Weaver.



The fair half of our big spring romance is this sweet, quiet little miss, a friend of everyone with whom she comes in contact. She’s Grace Williams, a good stenographer and a girl to head your list of friends. Modest and kind-hearted, she gives her evenings ot help all she can as a student nurse. We remember the time she was so absorbed in a discussion of diseases that when the phone rang she answered with “Epileptic Department.” Her one fault is a lack of memory, which boy friend Frank Bucher finds quite annoying, especially when she forgets a dinner date. Electrical Research is proud of Gracie and we offer her to the public as the cutest thing out to date.

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