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Purple Heart Award Made at Sugar Camp

Naval Hero Cited For “Conspicuous Gallantry Under Fire and Wounds Resulting Therefrom”

The local contingent of WAVES, stationed at Sugar Camp, and Naval Officers of the staff stationed at NCR, assemble on the campus of Sugar Camp for the presentation of the Purple Heart to Carl Robert Klein. Radio Technician Klein with his naval engagement decorations including his newly awarded Purple Heart.

[see below] Lt. Commander Ralph I. Meader, Carl Klein, Company officials, and distinguished guests review the WAVES and naval personnel as they march on to the campus.

[see below] WAVES pass the reviewing group in preparation for the citation of the Purple Heart.

[see below] Left: Radio Technician Carl Klein now wears with pride the Purple Heart award won for gallantry in action and wounds received therefrom.

Sugar Camp was the scene of a colorful Naval ceremony recently–the awarding of the Purple Heart to a naval hero. The place was selected for the ceremony because of its present use as the home of the contingent of WAVES stationed here.

To the stirring strains of the Patterson Field Band, the WAVES, officers and men of the U.S. Navy passed in review and assembled on parade for the presentation of the Purple Heart to Carl Robert Klein, radio technician, second class, attached to the Naval staff at NCR.


The award was made by Lt. Commander Ralph I. Meader, officer in charge of the Naval staff at the NCR. The citation covering the rpesentation stated the award was made for “conspicuous gallantry under fire and wounds received therefrom.”

The ceremony was attended by President S. C. Allyn and other officials of the Company. In commenting on the ceremony, Mr. Allyn said: “Sugar Camp, as a sales school, has always been associated with the aspirations of men who aspire to outstanding achievements. The choice of this place for an award to a fighting hero adds fresh color and importance to the peacetime use of the Camp.”

This close touch with the battle front brings home to NCR employees the importance of backing up our boys with 15% of payroll for War Bonds. This outstanding achievement of Carl Klein will be matched by NCR workers with an outstanding record in the purchase of Bonds.

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